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Let Beerman’s experienced staff work with you to help determine whether rental is the right option for your needs. 

We will take into consideration the following:

  • What is the nature of your work or project.
  • Will you have a consistent need for this equipment

Can you maintain the equipment yourself?

  • If you buy, do you have a safe and secure space to store it?
  • Will it be insured?
  • Does rental allow you to easily predict your costs VS ownership? 




Beerman Precision rents equipment with the understanding that some normal wear and tear will take place and this consideration is included in the basic rental rates. Renter is responsible for theft, vandalism, flat tires, negligence, abuse, misuse, routine maintenance, fuel and cleaning charges necessary to return the equipment io the same condition as when originally rented.


Unless pre-approved credit has been established, rental deposits and proper ID are required.  Minimum rental charge is one day.



Equipment is available to rent by the day, week or month

One day = 24 hours

One week = 3 consecutive days

One month = 17 consecutive days

Weekend rate is 1.5 times daily rate (Out after noon and return before noon next business day)

Rental Services

  • Engineering & site assistance for bridge maintenance rentals
  • Calibration of cylinders and jacking sets up to 1000 tons
  • Gause certifications
  • Specialized high tonnage hydraulic jacks
  • House raising and leveling jacking systems
  • Wide variety of hydraulic and electric conduit benders

Our hydraulic jacking equipment inventory is unique in quantity and capacity. We have jacks that range from 5 Tons up through 1000 Tons with various extensions. Our capabilities include operating multiple jacks with either equal pressure or equal movement, depending on the tolerances on the plane of lift. As an option, we can calibrate your jacks and load cells up to 500 Tons in accordance with ASTM 1143 requirements. If requested, I can provide technical site assistance to help make the jacking portion of the job go more smoothly and safely.Electric wire tuggers

Jim Woodin, P.E.
Atlanta Division Rental Manager

With over 30 years of advising customers, Jim is uniquely qualified to provide contractors, engineers, and government agencies with the best methods and equipment for heavy lifting using hydraulic jacking equipment.

During Jim’s 13 years with Beerman, he has successfully helped clients lift and move bridges, water tanks, vessels, and many other types of structures. Jim is an expert in pile load testing, weighing structures, calibrating and certifying jacks and load cells, and can insure that our clients will conform to their customers’ requirements.

Call Our Rental Service locations Today!

New Orleans, la – 504-207-6005

Jefferson, la – 504-734-2727

Houma, la – 985-872-0896

Birmingham, al – 205-251-8156


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